Take a Breather…

Hi Friends!

With all the hustle and bustle that we all have going on, sometimes we have to remember to slow down. When we are constantly on the go, with no pauses, it can bring out a lot of anxiety. Therefore, take a breather or a moment to woooo saaaa!


No worries friends, you got this!! Take that extra time for the snooze button, take a two minute walk, meditate/ pray, blow bubbles! Do what it takes to help, YOURSELF!

Thanks for Reading!

Nicole Cherise ♥️

2 thoughts on “Take a Breather…

  1. Exactly! I feel it’s okay to be selfish when it comes to helping ourselves. We need to focus on our well being and sanity more than often to be happier. I am that person that tries to tackle multiple things in a short period of time and end up feeling a shit load of anxiety. More than ever I remember to pause and take in the beauty around me and chill out. It will all be ok!

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