I’m hurting.

You are hurting.

We all experience hurt but often taught to be strong and not cry over spilled milk. Not every situation is “spilled milk” some situations are Rivers and Oceans of pain.

People keep so much bottled in their hearts because folks don’t want to hear it. Or is that what we tell ourselves?

The time is now to express it all. We express our goals, happiness and material things but we can’t cry, scream or share the fears that lie within.

You aren’t alone. Help is there. I’m here.

Nicole Cherise ♥️

11 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Nicole this was absolutely amazing! Pain is part of my daily life, as it is so many others, but I do my best to hide it. I often do not want to share how I am truly feeling with others for fear of burdening others or pity looks. I have tried masking the pain I am in by keeping a smile on my face most days. Although I can also admit I try hiding my pain from others, but mainly think I try to hide it from myself. You are an amazing person with great insight and I am thankful I am able to get to know you! Your writing is always pretty fantastic!

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