The weather

As a child, I never quite understood how older people could tell it was going to rain or when they said “It’s cold, I can feel it in my bones”. It’s funny how life happens because now I say similar things!

Since being diagnosed with MS, my body lets me know if the humidity is high, if it will rain, and if the temperature is very cold. I experience leg weakness during this time, numbness in toes and sometimes very painful nerve pain. As I type this post, my left big toe is curing numb and I’m having nerve pain in both legs. It really sucks.

However, the show has to still go on. On days like this, I still have to be wifey, mommy and assistant supervisor at work. I pray to God for strength, as tears may flow down my cheeks and slowly get it together. I know there are others who experience this and more. There are other warriors with physical ailments and mental issues that can be thrown off due to the weather.

When it rains, it pours. I wish, I could cut back some of the storms, but unfortunately that can’t happen and that’s Life. How we choose to manage IS up to us.

We can let the weather take over us and our spirit or we can dance in the rain and view the rainbow that follows.

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Cherise ♥️

4 thoughts on “The weather

  1. Strength. WillPower. Better days.
    Just like in life, personal storms are unpredictable. It can feel like it’s getting the best of us but just like you push through every day, you inspire me to do the same. Your words echo through the storm and follow me into the rainbow.
    P.S. I’d dance in the rain with you anytime!

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  2. Dancing in the Rain in viewing Rainbows has always been the best thearphy. I know at times that going gets “Rough Rough” however you my friend will weather this storm. You’re strong mentally and physically some days are better then others. But push threw my friend.

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