Peace….. Happiness

So much weighs on our minds.

Too much weighs on our hearts.

For many of us, we have to take everything that we deal with, one day at a time.

All the tasks aren’t getting done due to us being overwhelmed with the many distractions that get in the way.

How do we overcome this? How do we find balance? How do we find happiness? My suggestion is to get Peace first.

Having peace is vital and it can help us see the “BIG” picture clearer. We could possibly find solutions to things that are problematic. With Peace comes Acceptance and Happiness will follow not too far behind. Have you struggled with finding happiness? Do you believe you have peace in your life? I’m working on it and pray to get there one day! I hope the same for you all as well.

Thanks for reading friends,

Nicole Cherise ♥️

2 thoughts on “Peace….. Happiness

  1. For me, having peace is a hard path to get to. There are things I’m not ready to accept, questions forever unanswered and ultimately emotions that are out of my control. “One day at a time”, “one moment at a time” or however one gets through life is definitely a positive step toward self peace. I agree that it is not easy but it is possible. One day…..
    Great post!

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    • Thank you so much for your response! Yes, I too, have these feelings and emotions. We all are a work in progress through the hardships and challenges that life has dealt us. Something I learned in service today is that we are Suvivors. That title holds more meaning than just an illness. What we are dealing with now sucks and is hard but one day, that silver lining will reveal itself. ♥️


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