Doing for You!

Hi Friends! Happy Motivational Monday!

I know it’s been some time since I’ve blogged, but hey, I’m here 😊. Life, has been busy, and I also wasn’t feeling the best. I was battling a chest cold (which I hope is just about gone! 🤞🏾) and it just wiped me out. I hope if any of you might have caught the sniffles that you feel better as well.

This post today will be brief but my intent is for it to give substance. How often do you do for You? Many of us are spouses, parents, professionals, scholars in academia, volunteers for many causes and more. We are constantly on the go, we do so much for others and at times get caught in a whirlwind. This is great, however, do we find the time to schedule some “self” time?

I can admit, I get caught up with my family, friends, and work life that I don’t always make “Me Time”. I know it’s a selfless act, but in the long run, I see how it crashes down. I find myself worrying about unnecessary things in my life, all because I’m consumed in other factors instead of the “Me” factor.

If someone would have said to me 10 years ago that I needed to dedicate more “Me” time, I would have said “Isn’t that being selfish?“. Guess what? It’s ok to be “selfish” for your needs. It can and will make you happier in the meantime and down the road.

What are the things that you do for you? Have you found this to be beneficial? How would you recommend this to others? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading friends! 😁

Nicole Cherise ♥️

10 thoughts on “Doing for You!

  1. I totally agree . Self-care is extremely important for your physical health as well as your mind, soul and your overall health. I have always been the type to take care of others and forget to take care of me. Growing up my mom always took care of others. So I end up being a product of my environment. So I made a commitment to myself to break the cycle and to take time for me. It is not selfish to take time for yourself.

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  2. Dealing with mental and physical changes in my life, I got to the point where I had to focus on my needs and well-being. I am that person who goes above & beyond for my loved ones & will always! However, stress is a motherf%$&er and I have learned more than ever that it is okay to put everything on pause & take a moment(s) for myself. Love and care yourself first. Always.

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