They are cute, handsome, adorable, and so cool but when does that shift happen? The shift of them becoming a threat? A Target? A menace? My heart aches for the grieving Mothers who had to bury their sons due to injustices that have lingered for centuries. Enough of turning the other cheek. It’s time for many to admit that Wrong is Wrong. If you can say that “All Lives Matter” then, you “Should” be outraged as well. This is not a hatred post, it’s a MY SONS’ Reality Post. #nicolecherise #mysons #godson #socialinjustice #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Nicole Cherise ♥️

12 thoughts on “Injustices

  1. Nicole, your children are absolutely adorable! Everything that has happened in this country has me so upset and it hurts me deep inside my heart and soul. I do not understand how and or why people are so full of hate. I am very accepting of everyone, unless they mistreat myself or someone I love. I hate to say it but I do believe the amount of hate has only built over the last 3.5 years. I do understand hate has been in this country for decades, but I still do not understand it. Take care of yourself and beautiful family!!!

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  2. Thanks a for sharing. Very interesting!

    Many protests are ignited by Dissatisfaction with social systems.
    But what has helped me is knowing that only by means of God’s Kingdom is mankind’s only true hope for a peaceful world. Matthew 6:9, 10

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