Who says you can’t Start Over?


I know it’s been so long! Yes, it has and I have to admit that I do miss blogging. I’ve been busy in my own mind, busy with family, busy with work and it was ALOT! Lol

Now that I’m back, I think it’s only right to chat about “Starting Over”. Listen, people will tell us left and right to stick to a decision or that we are too “old” to not have it all figured out…. The o̶l̶d̶e̶r̶ wiser that I get, I feel this is absolutely false. Should we have goals and execute them? Sure. But as long as we are “Able” and are continuing to learn, there is Nothing wrong with switching up the game plan.

Do you think our Society or Our Families play a major role with this mindset? What are your thoughts on this friends? Have you been under this influence? Or do you feel, you can Move as you please I’m regards to your future?

Thanks for reading and chatting with Me

Nicole Cherise ♥️

6 thoughts on “Who says you can’t Start Over?

  1. Well, I’m just as practical as the next person but I mostly mean young adults. If you don’t have a mortgage, spouse or other obligation holding you back but you don’t have a job, you don’t really have an excuse when it comes to looking for one. You might have to relocate, whether you want to remain in that area or not. Don’t expect others to take care of you.

    It’s like The Price is Right and you’re looking at the audience when you’re about to spin the wheel. Why? They’re not going to influence what number the wheel lands on.

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  2. I believe in starting over as God gives us multiple chances on attempting to get this thing called life, right! It’s a delayed fixed mindset that people are fixated on by applying the notion “to start over” as a failure or it just can’t be done. I believe that if need be do so!!!! There are no rules in life! Love it and live it to the fullest!!!

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