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Take advantage of every moment you get

I took this picture at the gym after getting off the treadmill and leg machine. Now, I don’t go as often as I’d like but when I can I do. My shirt says Warrior because I believe that’s exactly what we are. 

Stay strong friends. No matter what battles you are currently facing, just know you are not alone and you Are strong! 

Nicole Cherise ❤️

The big conflict 

Hi, great people!

This is something that has been on my mind. Have you ever had something or someone you prayed for? You prayed and prayed and now you received the blessing but….. There is a but. Do you think it’s fair that we do that? I know there are things that take place and it make us feel like we got thrown a dry bone. 
We are human, so our flesh and spirit can bump often. I’ll admit, I find myself in tears because I question: “Why if You blessed me with my desires does it come with a disclaimer? I Know, I’m not alone with this. I also know that Trusting God and His plans are vital. I know that we are given mountains in our lives without Him giving us the Strength and tools to climb it. 
I wrote this post to help someone who is struggling with this conflict. The conflict of Faith and our Flesh. Remember, the tests are necessary. It keeps us grounded and we are able to give God the glory. Please hang in there. Whatever the circumstance is, things will get better. You Are Strong!

Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Prayer buddy or group?

Hi everyone! How are you great people doing on this Easter Sunday? I hope we’ll, happy and blessed.
As, I was listening to the sermon in church, I began to think about the power of prayer and how praying affects me. I also think about how much my family and friends pray for me constantly. It’s been because of their prayers and support, that I’m able to keep a smile on my face during the challenges that life presents in my path. I know that things will get better because of God’s grace. 
So that led me to this question/quote. Do you have a prayer buddy or group? If not, I think it’s a good idea to consider. We have significant others, family, friends, church members, gym partners, and more who could meet with you to pray. With the age of technology, you can text, email, FaceTime, Snapchat each other if you can’t physically meet. There is no right or wrong way to pray, but you would be surprised of the many outcomes. 
What do you think? Comment below! 
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Nicole Cherise ❤️

Why the good people?

Good Morning Great people,

I wanted to send some positive energy. Your way. Many times we often ask, “why do things happen to the good people?” The truth is we are not exempt from struggles, pain or sorrow. 

I urge for you to hold on. I have the faith that we will overcome our obstacles and short-comings. I know some stuff we can’t simply overcome but we will have the strength to adapt and find peace. 

You are Not Alone. Much love to you 😊

Nicole Cherise ❤

Daydreaming about Heaven

Slowly but Surely…

The rough days will come and they will hurt your soul. There is no denying that. There are times when I sit back and ponder “what’s the meaning of it all?” Do I stay or do I go? To a place so far deep into inner peace. A place where it’s no rain, no hate, no suffering… Just sunshine, love, and healing. 

Yes, I’m daydreaming… I know this place isn’t here on Earth. I pray to get there. I pray He lets me in.. So I can eternally Smile Again. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

We can be our OWN enemy

Hi all!

Today was Women’s Day at church (Union baptist church, Hempstead NY) and we had a phenomenal guest preacher(Rev. Racquel Gill, Brooklyn NY). One of the key points that touched me dearly was “telling lies to yourself about YOURSELF”.

I will be first to admit, there are so many ideas wrapped in my mind that I want to do but I end up making up reasons to why it won’t work. Now, I can be Your biggest cheerleader and be that extra push but when it comes to myself, I can fall short. 

Has this been you? Have you ever been the one to tell yourself that “you aren’t good enough?” Or “you won’t win” ? I stand with you today and I’m letting you know, you are not alone. We can be a success together. Don’t give up on yourself or your hopes and dreams. As long as there is another day given to us, then we have another chance!

Thanks for reading 😁

Nicole Cherise 

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