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Thank you Browngirlstylish!

Hi friends! 

I hope all is well and that things are going well in your lives. Things on my end have been ok but I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. I truly haven’t physically been feeling well either.. sigh but I’m coming along, Thank God!

Today one of my dear sister-bestie reminded me of the importance of my written posts. I expressed to her that I’ve been in a “mood” and haven’t felt like writing. After our conversation, I gave it some thought and she’s right. I do connect better with my readers when I express my feelings or share topics that come to mind. 

I can’t promise that every post will be fully written some may continue to be quotes and “straight the point” post. However, I’m definitely going to write more.

Thank you Browngirlstylish aka Shanna for the Reminder and thanks to all of you that follow my blog! I love and appreciate you!

Btw check out Browngirlstylish  for great fashion inspiration, she’s great! 

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Finding *You*

Hi friends,
I believe this is something that takes dedication and true digging. I remember growing up wanting to fit in with the “IN” crowd or wanting to be how others “thought” I should be. Then one day in college, I reached a point of feeling overwhelmed. I feel this is where that negative tape in my mind truly took off. 
At times like this you may feel as if your back is against the Wall, alone, depressed, possibly all at once. While searching for true self, you may do things that you aren’t good for your well being and doesn’t add to improvement. So when does enough become enough? 

My faith intervened. 

I prayed about my struggles. Now, don’t get it twisted, I am STILL a work in progress with self doubt and fears. However, what I learned is that having that relationship with God has done more wonders than I can imagine. I do understand that not all believe in a Higher Being, but maybe you can do soul searching through meditation practices. Having a support system or group you can turn to helps as well. 
I’m not sure if this hits home for any of you, but just remember: life is tough but you are tougher than your “stuff”!
Thanks for reading,
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Two major ingredients for your success 

Patience and Understanding are two ingredients needed for success in your life. This can be in your faith, relationships, parenting, and career paths.

Patience, as we all know is a Virtue. It does not come easy for most of us. We want things quick and easy, but that’s just not possible if you want things to blossom into beautiful results. Just like a rose garden, plant the seeds, nourish them with water, pray for plenty of sun and then slowly but surely, roses will sprout! We have to remind ourselves that the wait will be worth it. 

Understanding is key as well. We need to know the goal and all it entails. Understand your position is and others around you that play a role. What’s everyone’s state of mind and abilities? Having compassion, empathy can help with the process of your Success.

What are you thoughts friends? Do you think Patience and Understanding are needed for Success in many aspects of life? Speak on it below ☺️

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤️