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Ain’t I a Lady?

Let me start by writing: this is NOT a man bashing post or a holier than Thou Sermon but simply a reality.

I’m a proud black woman. I consider myself Feminine and classy. Over the years, I notice that many generations have this idea of what a lady should be and her roles. We have come far from the beginning of time. Even though, I consider myself “traditional with an old soul”, I still can’t get with the Nonsense that continues to happen to women.

In the news, it’s so many sexual attacks or harassment scandals that are coming to the light. There are so many hashtags of “me too”, which I was included in. Its 2017, and I have to constantly worry about my clothing because people are rude or can’t keep their hands to themselves. Women are still in physical, emotional and verbal abusive relationships with the “no way out” mentality. Many are treated as a possession only.

So tell me Friends… if we are suppose to be soft-spoken, nurturing, forgiving , open-minded, etc., who is fighting for us? Many can answer: significant others, family members, male friends but not all have that. Some of the same people that want us to conduct ourselves like ladies at all the times, are the same ones degrading and abusing. Those people include fellow Women as well.

What are your thoughts friends?

Nicole Cherise ❤️

They’re cool to turn up with but can they stimulate your mind?

Hi great people!
A lot of people use the term “friend” too loosely these days. We yearn to find people that we can have a good time with and equally share a “not a care in the world” attitude. However, what about associating with people who can mentally have an affect on you?

Motivate my mind.. Please!
Can you relate? Are the people that you spend time with yearning for knowledge and finding truth? Or at least encouraging you to do more? 
Let me know your thoughts below 😊
Nicole Cherise 


You make the choice 

We choose how we see things and how we want to accept things. How I view something can be completely far off from how you view it. Does that mean one of us is right or wrong? No.

It’s just like the question I proposed a few weeks ago, “do you see the glass half full or have empty?” Neither answer is wrong but our perspective and attitude about it, is key. 

You have the choice, you make the decision. Either way it ends it’s a “lesson or blessing”.

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Why the good people?

Good Morning Great people,

I wanted to send some positive energy. Your way. Many times we often ask, “why do things happen to the good people?” The truth is we are not exempt from struggles, pain or sorrow. 

I urge for you to hold on. I have the faith that we will overcome our obstacles and short-comings. I know some stuff we can’t simply overcome but we will have the strength to adapt and find peace. 

You are Not Alone. Much love to you 😊

Nicole Cherise ❤

That sunken place

Hi great people!

Today’s blog post was inspired by the movie “Get out”. I won’t go into crazy details about the movie because I don’t want to spoil for viewers who haven’t seen it. 

The “Sunken Place” to me goes deeper than our failures, it’s the place that we truly hide our fears, our depression. Many of us present a tough shell but the day someone breaks through to the core, the big mean Monster becomes a small broken child.

Digging deep into our inner selves is necessary! One of my friends who is a blogger created this post about Depression and I truly enjoyed her words because it was raw and spoke truth. Follow her blog :

If we don’t address our issues at the core, we could forever remain in that Sunken Place. Where we feel trapped, alone, fearful, and unhappy. Nothing is wrong with seeking help. Even if your culture or “family” says otherwise. 

I’m here too, to help along the way friends. Let this be the start to your greatness. Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤ 

When there is no peace in a relationship, it’s run its course.

Hi friends,
As we grow closer to the new year, many have resolutions and begin to get rid of toxic things and people. Some of the things include relationships. 
Through observation, I’ve noticed many engagements, but I’ve also noticed break ups. It’s truly an emotional season, but if it needs to happen for your sanity then so be it. Life is truly challenging most of the time, therefore, we don’t have time for nonsense. 
How do you come up with the conclusion that it’s time to move on? 
The spark isn’t there. What drew you to each other seems far and distant. You are therefore no longer happy or become bored. 
Constant fighting=equals no peace. We deal with turmoil from enemies, strangers, our jobs, etc. the last thing you need is to constantly go to war with your significant other.

Love and respect have dwindled. Despite any issues a couple can go through, when you feel it’s worth saving, you will fight for it. However, when love and respect is no longer given, that adds fuel to the fire.

Those are just some reasons why it could be time to re-evaluate your relationship. It’s important to remember that EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is Key. It’s not fair to dump someone without giving them a chance to correct themselves to salvage the relationship. Unfortunately, if you have and it’s becoming more draining than uplifting, it’s time to give the deuces ✌🏾. 

Nicole Cherise ❤