Where is the love Wednesdays: no compliments for being an adult

Hey everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Today’s topic is “no compliments for being an adult”. 
It’s sad to me when I hear people brag about things that should be a given, such as having a job, a place to live, vehicles and a for having a positive attitude. What’s even more sad is when people talk about a prospect mate based on “being an adult” as if it’s a luxury. Is this truly what our society has come to? I remember a time where people would brag about their mate being doctors, lawyers and them driving a Mercedes Benz etc. Now the bragging is: “Nikki he has a job and drives a car”. I understand that we all have different lifestyles and situations, but after 30 years old that’s not a big deal. I am not trying to be a “Debbie downer” on anyone but I just wished it was more to talk about when others are finding a mate. 
What are your thoughts? Is this truly what it’s like in the dating scene now? Have you found yourself doing this as well? Speak on it. 
Nicole Cherise 

Motavional mondays: making “to do” lists

Hey People!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you are enjoying your Monday so far. I’m curious to know, how many of you do a “to do” list?

I’ve read multiple articles, blogs, and tips from successful people and they all create a “to do” list at night for the next day. 

By creating a list, it helps you become more organized, and you’re able to set your pace for the day. I plan to incorporate this into my life, especially during the work week. I feel that with the busyness of life, we actually forget to complete certain tasks and it may feel as if we have gone through a whirlpool during the day. If we can create a list for the grocery store because we want to stay focused with our spending, then we could all benefit from having a daily “to do” list.

Would you all like to try it?

Has anyone ever done this? Or is anyone currently practicing this skill? Let me know!

Nicole Cherise 

Feel good Friday’s: feel good on the inside do not only look it


I saw this quote on Pinterest and it is so accurate. We could exercise, buy great clothes, drive good cars yet feel empty. I met a woman who looked amazing from head to toe and could date anyone she wanted to yet, she was depressed. She was Vogue on the outside but Vague on the inside. She often felt alone, it seemed like nothing was going her way. I wish I was able to reach to her and give support but unfortunately, not everyone is open to that. The most I could do was pray for her.

Do you or someone you know suffer from depression? Mental Illness is real and the support is there as long as you are willing to take the first step. As you know, I’m big on support and if this applies to anyone, please send me a private message or email. 

I hope we all can do this. Let’s take a moment each day to make ourselves feel as good as we look! If that means to meditate, yoga, listen to music privately, spend time with loved one then so be it. We have to shine from within. 

Take care friends! 

Nicole Cherise

When life throws you lemons…

Throw it back! 

We are stronger than we know. The truth is, the strength comes when giving up isn’t an option. Lately, I’ve been feeling like a bunch lemons are hitting me left and right but I can’t let it knock me out. Yes, I may have some some bumps and bruises but I’m in it to WIN it! 

So are you friends! Just because you get in a hole doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Have your personal pity party then dust your shoulders off. Life is so unexpected and there are some things we Don’t have control over but what about the things that we can control? We need to succeed past those obstacles. I believe in you and can help you get to that point if you let me. Peace and Love!

Nicole Cherise

Where is the love Wednesdays:the necessity to have someone vs improving yourself while being single

Hi all!

I come across conversations like this often. Would you rather be in relationships that fail all because you don’t like being lonely or would you take the time to better yourself and remain single?

 So much comes along with relationships and one thing to know is that doors should be closed before opening a new one. Many times the reasons why new relationships dissolve quickly are because lessons Not being learned, not being completely over your ex and comparing someone new to your ex. So, if all of these things can happen, why put yourself through the headache and just take your time? The answer is, people don’t want to be lonely. At a certain point in life, no one wants to be the “third wheel” or always single with no date to the invited dinner party. People want someone to share an intimate companionship with a person who isn’t a relative or friend. It just saddens me that people would go through all measures of drama and heartache just all for the sake of saying “I have someone”.

Why not take the time to better yourself? is what I ask. A friends once told me that she took the time to date herself. When I first heard that it made perfect sense. With dating you are learning about the other person. If you date yourself, you are truly taking the time to evaluate yourself. You learn your flaws and strengths; likes and dislikes; you pamper yourself for your self. I advise people often that self love is the best love. There are certain happiness that people expect to get from a potential mate, however, you need to find your own happiness first. When you better yourself, and you meet someone, your life could be at a better place mentally, emotionally and physically. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s easier to be single and rediscover yourself or is it easier to be in a relationship just for the sake to have someone even if you are still damaged?

Nicole Cherise 

Motivational Monday: do you invest in yourself?

Hey all, Happy Monday!

Today’s topic is: do you invest in yourself?

We all have dreams and goals that we would like to meet but do we invest in ourselves to achieve this? This can be career goals, finances, relationships or just personal maintenance. 

Why should we invest in ourselves? It creates positivity and growth. For example, if you are working to become an entrepreneur, investing in yourself would be attending workshops or seminars. When a person attends workshops and seminars, they are amongst others who are trying meet the same goal, you have networking opportunities and the ability to learn from those who are experienced in your skill. Those are all positive things to help guide your way to success. 

When you invest in yourself, you become a better you. People will see your confidence and believe in your dream as well. We all have skills and by investing in ourselves, we are taking our skills from good to Great!

You can do it friends, I believe in you. 

Nicole Cherise

Where is the love Wednesdays: support goes a long way

On Monday, I let some people get a hold of my emotions and I grew angry. Unfortunately, I posted my anger on social media and I felt justified. My mood shifted  once a friend from high school noticed that I wasn’t in my up-lifting spirits like usual. She told me that my positive posts meant a lot to her. That really made me smile because even though I do want to encourage others, she really encouraged me and having that support is a blessing. 

Friends, support goes a long way. When you support others and have support its proof that you are not alone. We All have issues that are very similar to one another yet we quickly put each other down. We should show more love and kindness because it’s good for the soul. Make love not War. 

So let someone know they are appreciated because you never know how much that little bit of encouragement can help. 

Nicole Cherise

Motivational Monday’s: keep working towards your dream

I know and understand that there are some who have to work harder than others to accomplish their dreams. I too, get frustrated when I think about my student loan debt, and the need for more financial resources, however it’s important to not quit. 

We will be told no, actually quite a few times and I truly believe after the “no’s” a yes WILL come. It’s doing the actual foot work that makes the difference. Even if it means taking baby steps, make it your business to set short term and long term goals. 

Keep working friends, don’t give up on your dreams. I believe in you.

Nicole Cherise