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Where is the love Wednesdays: marriage you give 100%

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! 

I saw this post on someone’s fb page last night and I felt it was so true. There used to be saying that “we should be 50/50 or meet me half way”. I don’t agree with that especially in a marriage. In a marriage, you should meet your spouse the whole way and give it your 100%. I could almost guarantee that if you half do anything in a marriage or don’t give it your all, it will come to a messy end. 

Think about it. Do you want to be honest 50% of the time? Should you and your spouse love each other 75% of the time? Should your spouse only be faithful 25% of the time? Of course the answers are no. So, do your best and give it 100 and nothing less.
I don’t want to exclude other committed couples. If you are engaged or living together, giving 100% is important too. So start now if you haven’t already! Lol
What are your thoughts? 
Nicole Cherise