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Holding on to anger doesn’t help 

When taking the moment to evaluate things, I end up sad which eventually turns into Anger. I know that can be shocking to some. I am a happy person and I do like to see the “brighter” side to situations, however, there are times when I just say WTH??? 
I consider myself to have a relationship with God and I know worrying is like a slap to the face. Imagine if you have shown someone reasons why they should trust you because you are loyal and you love them, yet they still aren’t sure? Yeah, because I know better I need to do better. All the anger does is add stress which sends you closer to your grave. 
So what I’m about to do is go workout since I do have some time on my hands and let go of this frustration. We all seasons that last a bit longer than others and for this season, I have to remain strong and overcome these burdens. 
Thanks for reading friends.
Nicole Cherise 

Where is the love Wednesdays: support goes a long way

On Monday, I let some people get a hold of my emotions and I grew angry. Unfortunately, I posted my anger on social media and I felt justified. My mood shifted  once a friend from high school noticed that I wasn’t in my up-lifting spirits like usual. She told me that my positive posts meant a lot to her. That really made me smile because even though I do want to encourage others, she really encouraged me and having that support is a blessing. 

Friends, support goes a long way. When you support others and have support its proof that you are not alone. We All have issues that are very similar to one another yet we quickly put each other down. We should show more love and kindness because it’s good for the soul. Make love not War. 

So let someone know they are appreciated because you never know how much that little bit of encouragement can help. 

Nicole Cherise

Walking away from turmoil

When you’re a child getting into fights were some what the “norm”. If someone hit you, you would hit them back or if someone disrespected your mother, you were ready for war. At what point do you realize that physical contact changes nothing?

In school, if you fight you will get suspended or even expelled. It’s not worth it but as a child you are not mature enough to grasp that.

On your job, if you fight you can get fired and potentially get arrested. I don’t know about you but if that’s a place where you get your income to eat and pay for your place of living, I’d think twice about knocking someone out.

Lastly, fighting in your neighborhood/community. Now that the internet is filled with fights, are you sure you want to be amongst them? Some of you have children, do you want them to see you in a police car due to assault charges? Some careers that people have can result in the lost of certain licenses or certifications once you’ve been arrested… Is it worth it?

It’s all pride my friends. You feel if someone disrespects you that they should be taught a lesson. If you are not in harms way or feel physically threatened, walk away.

At the end of the day, people talk and words do hurt but be smarter and better. No matter how many times you go to battle, that opinion of your enemy never changes. He or she will still call you all the names under the sun even if they have a black eye.

Be better, do better….Walk Away