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Thumbs up for MS Warriors!!!

Hi friends!

Where is the Love for the MS Warriors? Right here!!!

As I’ve written before, March is MS Awareness Month and this week is MS Awareness week. Even with my wobbly legs, I am continuing to Push Through!

MS ribbon earrings

I made a choice to show up strong for my loved ones, go to work even when it hurts, and I’ve modified outfits so that I’m comfortable as an effort to beat the challenges of MS. There are some days that I’m not able to give 100% but trust and believe giving 0% is NOT an option .

To my fellow Warriors and Caregivers, I’m proud of you for Not giving up. The Pain and Depression is real and can effect us but I believe in You! I also believe that we will be Victorious against this horrible disease. Therefore, I will continue to send spiritual and positive energy your way! Thank you all for being supportive to me as well!

Much love to all and Thanks for reading 🧡

Nicole Cherise-MS Warrior since 4/13/2010

Fight against the insecurities

Yes, it’s time to get All the way over ourselves. Ladies, compliment one another. Yes, there is another attractive woman in the same room with you. Y’all both are fly queens, remember that. Fellas, you Do have money and so does the next man, concern yourself with only your pockets. Maybe you could network and build empires for your community. Because we know better we can do better!

-Nicole Cherise

Don’t ask me to apologize 

You want me to feel bad for being me. You want me to feel bad that I grew up in a two-parent household. You can’t understand how I had a great relationship with my Daddy. You want me to feel bad that I didn’t “want” for anything. You’re mad because I grew up in a house. I’m suppose to feel bad for finding My soul mate. You hate that I’m happy in my marriage. I’m judged for waiting to have a baby. You want to see me fail as a mother. You are mad that I have wonderful friends that are family. Some of family don’t even want to be my family. I won’t apologize.

I’m suppose to apologize for wanting more. You want me to feel bad because I have a master’s degree and I DO YEARN for MORE. You want me to feel bad because I’m Proud to be a Black Woman. I’m Happy with cocoa cocoa complexion, I’m happy for my thick kinky hair, I’m happy for my curves, my mental awareness and I won’t apologize. 
I will NOT apologize for my blessings. 

Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.
Nicole Cherise❤️

Count it!

That’s what I do my best to remember, to be grateful. So many of us are silver spoon fed and we have all that we ask for. Some believe that they are entitled to get everything that they want. News flash! You are Blessed to have all that you do because it didn’t have to be you. Keep that in mind the next time you are upset that you missed out on that fashion sale or when the restaurant messes up your order. Count your blessings friends!

Nicole Cherise 😊

Where is the love Wednesdays : friends that are jealous

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post. Today has been pretty busy but I’m  here now!  Today’s topic is : friends that are jealous.

We all know that jealousy is an unfortunate trait that we all may have at some point in life, however, is it appropriate in friendships?

Jealousy- wanting what some one has. Many throw the phrases ” ohh I’m jealous” or “I’m jelly right now” in a joking manner and it could be in the best regards. However, On the other hand, there are people who are upset and really mad that they don’t or can’t have what you have. 

In my opinion, friends that are genuine would Not be seriously jealous of your progress or possessions. I’ve always had an attitude  that if one of my friends did well, we all did well. There is no need to be mad or down that certain things hasn’t happened for me because I believe what can happen for one, can happen for me as well. We all have choices and our outlook on ourselves are important. 

If you are a jealous friend, please stop. While you are busy being jealous, you are missing out on the blessings coming your way. So instead of being jealous, tell yourself ” when it’s my turn, I will be as happy as my friend is. I’m happy for him/her and I’m looking forward to us both winning”. Keep the good vibe rolling friends. 

Nicole Cherise 

Feel good Friday’s: my blessings

hey guys! 

With all the craziness happening in the world, I Feel good because of my blessings. 

I’m blessed because when I awake, I have the ability to see. I wake in the right state of mind and I’m able use my arms and legs appropriately. I have a wonderful husband, a smart 6 month old son, family and friends who love me dearly. God is truly amazing and words can’t express that enough. 

What are you thankful for or what makes you feel good?

Nicole Cherise