W.i.t.l.w: break ups can be great

Hi friends! Good day to you!

So, we all have been there, the break up. Sometimes it seems like it comes out of nowhere and for others it was a long time coming. Some of us I’m sure have had many break up to make up fiascos and boy the making up phase is awesome. However, I want you to know that the break up can be awesome as well because you can get back to what’s important, YOU.
That toxic dude or gal has left your atmosphere and it’s time to move on. Even if you feel nervous of the thought of being single, it’s ok that’s normal. What if we change that nervousness into self love awareness? I suggest to take the time to reflect on this past break up. Jot down all the things that went wrong on BOTH  ends. When you can see the mistakes that were made, you then can know what you won’t do in the future and what you won’t tolerate. 
I know it’s not easy because now you have to alter your thoughts or change your system of responsibilities but you will be fine! Do you feel break ups can be good? When you did let go of the baggage, did you feel lighter?
Thanks for reading! 😁
Nicole Cherise 

Where is the love Wednesday: throwing in the towel

You been in a relationship with someone who you thought was your world, you believed you would grow old together but then “something” went wrong. What do you do? Time to throw in the towel? 

To some, breaking up can be a “no-brainer”. It’s quite simple, if you aren’t happy then leave or if they broke your trust then all bets are off. However, for others it is Not that simple. People think about the length of time invested in the relationship, status ( example married), children etc.. So their answer to split isn’t just cut and paste. 

If you are confused on rather you should stay or go, consider these tips:

  1. Do a list of the pros and cons in staying in the relationship.
  2. Communicate and be honest. 
  3.  Let your pride go so that you can make rational decision. 

My word is not the Way but it could possibly be a good way to figure out the decision you need to make. 

Good luck!

Nicole Cherise