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Feel good Fridays: cherish life

Hi friends, happy Friday to you. 

What’s been on my mind lately, has been life and how many don’t value it. As you all know, this year has been difficult for me with losing my Daddy and Goddaughter. However, with this week alone two more people that I know lost their lives due to violence. A family member from my mother in law’s side of the family, and one of closest friends lost a man who was near and dear to her heart. 
Murders… Those who commit those crimes have no respect for the value of life. Many times the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time and other times a life is gone due to petty drama. It scares me watching on the news when these things happen to people and it really knocks on your door when it involves people you know.
I cherish life, especially my own. I don’t know the complete journey that the Lord has set for me, however, I will do my best live accordingly meaning; no road rage while driving, no getting into arguments with strangers over useless things, and I will just walk away. Friend, we truly do not know others motives and what could set them off. 
So if you or a loved one has some anger issues aka is a hot head, tell yourself or them to re-think it. Find other ways to solve your frustrations. Life is too short as we know so please cherish it, if not for you, then for your family. 
Thanks for reading!
PS- sorry for the typo in my last post. The Word should have been Wednesday.
Nicole Cherise

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No one else like you


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Unfortunately it wasn’t because I traveled it was because we received a new angel, my God daughter Amiyah. Her tragedy has been spreading through the news since 11/8 which was the day she passed after being attacked by a pitbull. She was 9 years old and had a bright future. I loved her like she was my own daughter and I often referred to her as my first baby. 

I’ve always been one to say that life is so precious and this year, I have been reminded of that many times. When my father suddenly passed in August, my heart was crushed. Everything happened so fast and I didn’t get to say good bye to him. With my Goddaughter, she truly faught as long as she could and the family and I, all were at the hospital praying hard.  Her passing hit like a ton of bricks and I felt horrible for my bestfriend, be that there was nothing I could do. She was an angel here on Earth and I know with my faith and beliefs, she has her wings.

I titled this post “no one else like you” because for our loved ones who have transitioned from earth and ourselves we must remember that. In my heart there will never be a man like my father and of course there will never be a little girl like Amiyah neither. You, reading this post, no one else could be you. People come close, may even favor, have our mannerisms but never will be us. From the strands of hair on our heads and down to our finger prints, we are special and unique. 

Think long about that… And to quote Amiyah in one of her last written assignments, “be you”.

Thank you,

Nicole Cherise

The little things

One of my bestfriends came in town to visit my son and I. It was very delightful to spend the day with her. All we did was talk, grab a delicious meal and walked the mall. It may seem like no big deal but it’s the little moments like this that mean so much to me. 

 I feel like we get so consumed with all of the stressors and chaos in life that something as intimate as a telephone conversation or enjoying quality time gets taken for granted. 
We have to do better for our own sanity. It’s only one life and it is short, so try to make each day count! 

-Nicole Cherise