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Chose wisely

Happy Motivational Monday friends! As we all know in life we have to make choices. Some are easy while others can be very difficult. We have to learn to think thoroughly and critically. Usually inpatient and haste decisions can bring hardships later.

I can admit that MANY decisions I’ve made weren’t the best ones but I’m learning to accept it and figure out other alternatives. We also can grow from our past mistakes. There are no losers, simply developing WINNERS. Have a fantastic Monday!

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ♥️

The past

The Past,

A point in time that we can’t change or erase. Some past experiences can be a lesson to us or a burden. How we move on, is our choice. I urge for us all to learn the lesson, execute in our current lives and continue to LIVE. We are the driver to our destiny friends, no one else. 

Nicole Cherise ❤️

You make the choice 

We choose how we see things and how we want to accept things. How I view something can be completely far off from how you view it. Does that mean one of us is right or wrong? No. 


It’s just like the question I proposed a few weeks ago, “do you see the glass half full or have empty?” Neither answer is wrong but our perspective and attitude about it, is key. 

You have the choice, you make the decision. Either way it ends it’s a “lesson or blessing”.

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Why explaining yourself is a waste of time

Hi, great people!
You ever found yourself in situations where you made a decision and you get questioned about it? Now, for those who are in your immediate circle, can sometimes get a pass but not always. We are adults and when making a decision, it should be just that.

 We shouldn’t have to give a drawn out explanation about anything. If the answer is no, there is no point to explain why the answer is No because it doesn’t change the outcome. I feel there are a few reasons why people require an explanation of your decisions: 

1)Their feeling of entitlement. Many narcissistic and egotistic people will feel appalled that you disagreed or isn’t following their lead. Yes, they are beyond selfish and truly care less about your well-being. It’s more about how your choice affects them only. 

2)Some are just plain nosey or fishing for information. Now if it’s your inner circle, try not to be too annoyed, but like I said earlier, there are limits with that as well. 

3)Many also just believe you should always continue to say yes and can’t handle when you say No. 

Does this happen to you often? You don’t owe explanations for your decisions. You also shouldn’t feel bad or guilty for them either, especially if it’s not morals at stake.

Just a few reminders friends!
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤

Where is the love Wednesdays : friends that are jealous

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post. Today has been pretty busy but I’m  here now!  Today’s topic is : friends that are jealous.

We all know that jealousy is an unfortunate trait that we all may have at some point in life, however, is it appropriate in friendships?

Jealousy- wanting what some one has. Many throw the phrases ” ohh I’m jealous” or “I’m jelly right now” in a joking manner and it could be in the best regards. However, On the other hand, there are people who are upset and really mad that they don’t or can’t have what you have. 

In my opinion, friends that are genuine would Not be seriously jealous of your progress or possessions. I’ve always had an attitude  that if one of my friends did well, we all did well. There is no need to be mad or down that certain things hasn’t happened for me because I believe what can happen for one, can happen for me as well. We all have choices and our outlook on ourselves are important. 

If you are a jealous friend, please stop. While you are busy being jealous, you are missing out on the blessings coming your way. So instead of being jealous, tell yourself ” when it’s my turn, I will be as happy as my friend is. I’m happy for him/her and I’m looking forward to us both winning”. Keep the good vibe rolling friends. 

Nicole Cherise