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For me this is a No. As Scholar, I do want my son (and any future child) to have a plan for their life. At 16-18 years old, college is an important decision which puts a strain of pressure on them at a young age. So, if he said, he’s not ready then I can respect that. If he said, community college, I will respect that. If he says I want to be a doctor which entails undergrad and med school, I will respect that too. More research for scholarships, more options at public colleges or state colleges. Why? Because I don’t want him to make the same mistakes that I did. This is not an attack on college because I do not regret my degrees, but I want my child to go at his pace not what I’m forcing him to do. ***Also, he will have to work during the time he’s trying to figure out his life.

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Nicole Cherise