Where is the Love Wednesday: relationship tip

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday!!

While being in a committed relationship, it’s important to understand the differences in family dynamics that our partner has from us. It’s important because you can establish the accountability that is required, boundaries and possibly a New start to your own Belief systems.

For example: if one person grew up in an authoritative household, he or she might have the same kind of approach in communication techniques or come off bossy. Yet, their partner might have grown up in a more liberal home where they express their feelings more openly. This pair, could clash a lot.

So, take the time out to have the necessary discussions. Try to let your guard down and be open to the new possibilities that could present themselves.

Have any of you had to do this? Would you do this? Let me know in the comments!!

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Nicole Cherise ♥️

Improvement vs Changing of your Significant Other

I always had the idea that if I truly wanted my husband to change, that he would no longer be the man that I fell in love with. If anything during almost 17 years of being together, I would make suggestions of areas of improvement. I didn’t need him to be the perfect boyfriend/fiance/husband but I always him to be his best and I encouraged that. He did the same for me as well. 
A lot of times, while dating, people tend to want to “change or fix” their mate. My guess is that we have an ideal image of what we want of our mate and people try to mold them into that. Nothing is wrong with seeing the potential that your other half could have but when you try to change them, that could cause resentment. They may start to feel inadequate when it comes to you.
If there are things that your significant other needs to work on, my advice is to effectively communicate with them. Speak with him or her, not At them. My next advice is to give them a chance to improve. Nothing happens over night, so please be fair to them in that regard. Lastly, be willing to hear improvements for yourself. You can’t be the only one giving critiques and not willing to get them as well. ☺️ I hope this helps friends! What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading friends!! 
Nicole Cherise ❤️

You can’t learn when you are talking 

Hi great people!

I’m a person who loves to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, they will admit to saying, “oh Nik, I only have 5 minutes to chat” and I always promise “ok, I won’t keep you long”. That’s never the case. LOL! However, just as I’m able to talk, I listen as well.

While watching the movie “Creed”, I quoted Sylvester Stallone with this post’s title. He dropped a lot of gems in the movie that we can live by, and this quote was one of my favorites. 

I find listening to be an issue in many relationships. Yes, we all hear what another person is saying but are we truly listening to them? Are we comprehending their words and emotions? If we can do that, we possibly could learn something deeper about our loved ones and friends that we never knew before. 
Do you know how to truly listen? Let me know below in the comments!

Thank you for reading friends!

Nicole Cherise ❤