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Where is the love Wednesday: it’s not good to change them

Hi Friends!

This is from my Bible app plan. The topic is motherhood. I completely agree with this devotional by Karen. 

Many times in a relationship, especially in a marriage, many think they can change their spouses into their “perfect image”. That’s not fair because it will cause conflict between the two. When you said “I Do” it was to all of them not just some or the parts you like of them. 

The big conflict 

Hi, great people!

This is something that has been on my mind. Have you ever had something or someone you prayed for? You prayed and prayed and now you received the blessing but….. There is a but. Do you think it’s fair that we do that? I know there are things that take place and it make us feel like we got thrown a dry bone. 
We are human, so our flesh and spirit can bump often. I’ll admit, I find myself in tears because I question: “Why if You blessed me with my desires does it come with a disclaimer? I Know, I’m not alone with this. I also know that Trusting God and His plans are vital. I know that we are given mountains in our lives without Him giving us the Strength and tools to climb it. 
I wrote this post to help someone who is struggling with this conflict. The conflict of Faith and our Flesh. Remember, the tests are necessary. It keeps us grounded and we are able to give God the glory. Please hang in there. Whatever the circumstance is, things will get better. You Are Strong!

Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Clashing dreams

Hey all!

So I was watching an episode of  vh1’s “blank ink crew” and discussed an engaged couple (ceaser and dutchess) who have different dreams. While listening to ceaser and dutchess’ dreams it made me think of how many couples I’m sure struggle with the issue of clashing dreams. 

What do you do? Can you compromise? I personally believe that a couple Can find common ground and achieve both their dreams. It will take a lot of time, patience, honesty and plan building for it to work. I also believe that it has to be done for the better of the couple and family. So if your significant other is wanting to make a major decision just make sure it’s not for selfish reasons and at the same time don’t place negativity to their dreams because of your own insecurities/selfishness either. 

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Nicole Cherise