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Happiness at the Core

We all like what we like and want what we want, but does it make you feel good at your core or just the surface?

Have you had a rough day and decided to splurge at your favorite store? Purchased the new Jordan 1’s or even eat a 5 course meal at an exclusive restaurant? It feels good to release those emotions, but how long does it last? You still end up with the same sadness, pain and frustration.



When we don’t have true happiness within our hearts or at our core, none of it truly matters. We need to dig deep for happiness and not just at surface level. I hope that resonates with us all. Happy Wednesday!

~Nicole Cherise ♥️

Get to the Core

I believe this is the reason why we allow the same thing to repeatedly happen to us. If we don’t search deep into our inner selves we will not learn what is truly hindering us. We need love ourselves enough to take the time, to solve these issues. It can take weeks, months or years but taking the first step is key. 

If you need help in this, email me iamnicolecherise@gmail.com 

Thank you for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤