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Great things do come along.. why do we struggle with patience?!

Hey friends!

With all that we pray and hope for, it’s an amazing feeling when those things come into fruition. Time and time again, we jump for joy and is over the moon for these wins. However, the wait is always the most annoying part. 
Patiences is a virtue
We know this. We understand this too. It’s just really annoying walking on egg shells or that anxiety builds up that happens while waiting. 
Is there anything that you do to help yourself during that time? I try to move my mind onto other things. I refocus my attention on positive things and just pray about it. 
Hang in there, be strong. Just remember that somehow things always seem to work out or something better will happen for you!
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Nicole Cherise ❤️

Real recognize real 

When you start to create a plan for a business or new adventure, we often share this with our friends. Now, some people won’t always support you until you are “on” or are already have a buzz going and sometimes you shouldn’t always get upset about that. The truth is, they are human and feel that they will believe it when they see it. However, to try to believe in you being successful or giving motivation is one way to know your friend is really your friend. 

I often to say: “when one friend win, we all win”. Seeing a best friend accomplish a goal, motivates me to aim high as well. There is no room for jealousy or envy. They worked hard and it paid off! Real friends sometimes can see your talents before you and that’s something that you can’t take for granted. 

To my friends that support me and are waiting for me to take that leap of faith, I thank you and appreciate your love and support!

Don’t let them hold you back!

Hi friends!

Isn’t this happening a little too much these days? There was a time where life partners believed in one another’s dreams. They were each other’s biggest fan. Unfortunately, for some, it’s a competition or selfish motives for some couples now. 

That’s awful and very sad to hear. It’s hard enough battling forces in the world, but to come home to someone who doesn’t support you is heartbreaking. Therefore, I suggest letting them go. Will it be easy? No. However, you will see later that they are holding you back. Think about it. A Relationship takes two people who are willing to be selfless and supportive. Is that what you have?

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Nicole Cherise ❤

Our potential runs deep

Hi friends! Did you know that you were great?! I hope so!I need all my readers to understand that our potential runs deep and we can truly make powerful moves in our lives if we try. I know all about comfort zones and being scared. We can be scared of failure to the point that become our worst enemy and critic. Will everyone believe in us? No, but we need to believe in ourselves first. 

Just imagine, the day we take that leap and begin to live the life that we yearned for. We become successful and don’t look back. All the struggles will be a thing of the past and our work truly paid off. 
Can you see? Can you taste it? It’s there, we got this!
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Nicole Cherise ❤

They don’t stop the grind

You will notice that you have doubters or lack of support from many that you care about. You also will notice that you get more love and support from strangers. Can this hurt your feelings? Of course it can but you MUST keep going. 

As the saying goes “the dream is free, the hustle costs”. Don’t let lack of support, stop you from meeting your goals. Is it a hurdle? Yes, but if you worry about self, you will achieve it. Good luck to you, keep grinding. 
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Feel good Fridays: when your prayers have been answered

Hi friends! Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend to you all!

I know everyone may not be religious or share the same beliefs, however all has been in this position. We can agree that when you have been so patient and your desires come to reality, it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m telling you friends, do not give up on your dreams. Continue to hold on to your faith and your dreams because it will work out. Everything will play out according to plan. In the meantime, hold your head up!

Thanks for reading!😁

Nicole Cherise 

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Motivational Mondays: we should stop putting age limits on our Goals

Hi friends! Happy Monday and new week to you!


The link above is video shared my Idris Elba. He asks people the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” of course, many laughed and states that they were grown up, however when do you stop growing? 🤔
We all have had dreams or goals we want to do, but we reach a point where we just put that dream on the back burner. Is it because it didn’t happen by the age we wanted it to? Did “life” happen? I’ll be first to admit that when I was younger, I wanted to become a wife, mother and Psychologist. Professionally, I want to obtain my doctorate degree and I wanted to open a family center to help all people. I feel like once I was diagnosed with MS that was a curve ball that wasn’t expected. I began to concentrate on other things that were more important, family. Steve and I got married and we eventually became parents. So, I’ve achieved two things, but I still haven’t accomplished the final piece. Once I stopped putting age limits on stuff my mind changed. Once I said I don’t know if it will happen, now it’s I WILL get my cherry on top, God willing. 
We also have this attitude that if we don’t do certain things by certain ages, we either failed or will never accomplish them. I feel a lot of television and fairy tales are the cause for this. We have this thought that by this age, I should finish school, I should be in my dream career by that time, this age, I should get married or at least fall in love, I should have kids by this time in life, I should own a home/condo at this point. We place pressure on ourselves and it hurts when these things aren’t fulfilled. 

Imagine if we as a people could just live. Imagine as we are growing and evolving, we can say I’m ready to take the leap. Instead of family and society filling our heads with time limits, we take our time and just worry about ourselves and our creations. This can be us friends, we need to make that choice. 

What are your thoughts? Thanks so much for reading!
Nicole Cherise


Where is the love Wednesdays: downers

Hey all! Something that I’ve noticed, is a person telling others a new adventure they want to do and people automatically throw their negative experiences into the equation. Now, it’s one thing if a person asked for feedback or for other’s opinion, but if that’s not the case, why do people feel the need to do that?
If someone is excited about their dream that they are pursuing, I say encourage before criticize. Let your friend, family member or associate know that you happy for their choice for growth/exploring first. If and only if they ask for your feedback, it’s ok to do so. I don’t recommend lying, but be honest and assure them that you wish them well. No one wants a “downer” in their corner and you don’t want to be that person labeled as a “downer” either. 
Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, did you change your mind about your adventure? Or did you feel the person(s) was being a downer and/or jealous? Let’s hear it!
Nicole Cherise

Clashing dreams

Hey all!

So I was watching an episode of  vh1’s “blank ink crew” and discussed an engaged couple (ceaser and dutchess) who have different dreams. While listening to ceaser and dutchess’ dreams it made me think of how many couples I’m sure struggle with the issue of clashing dreams. 

What do you do? Can you compromise? I personally believe that a couple Can find common ground and achieve both their dreams. It will take a lot of time, patience, honesty and plan building for it to work. I also believe that it has to be done for the better of the couple and family. So if your significant other is wanting to make a major decision just make sure it’s not for selfish reasons and at the same time don’t place negativity to their dreams because of your own insecurities/selfishness either. 

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Nicole Cherise