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The vicious cycle

Eveyone has a past. Every Past has hurt and pain. They say History repeats itself. Therefore, a vicious cycle returns. Do we have to encourage that? Can we be apart of a group that says “I’m not going to repeat those actions”? 

Face the Facts

Families suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, finances, infidelity, lack of education, gang lifestyles and the list goes on. You don’t have to fall into those categories. You can choose to learn what Not to do. You can get out of a toxic environment. You don’t have to fall victim.

I pray and hope this can reach someone. We know many who need to end this cycle, including ourselves. 

Thanks for reading

Nicole Cherise ❤️

They know them but not intimately…

Hey great people!

Have you ever been in this position before? It’s not easy but something we have to remember is that our significant other is known and different to others in their lives.  

In other words, you know your mate intimately, their parents knows them as their son or daughter and friends know them as a friend. Those categories are not the same and you really can’t get advice from the different parties. That does not mean that family and friends couldn’t listen or give two cents, but take it like a grain of salt. 

Nicole Cherise ❤

Thanksgiving reflections

The holidays are tough when you’re missing loved ones at the dining room table. Life isn’t the same, but you realize just how much we need to cherish life.  

As I look around, I’m watching my husband, son, mother and my in-laws laughing and eating, I drift into my own world. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. Their presence gives me the energy that I need to get by. 
I also realize that at this point of the year, it’s time to game plan for the new year. I have a list of goals that I am working hard to meet. I will keep you all posted. I’m very excited because when you accomplish something new, you feel unstoppable. 
I’m thankful for all of you who take the time to read my posts and follow my journey. Blessings to you all!
Nicole Cherise❤️


Family and friends don’t forgive so be mindful of who you tell your bizz.

Hi friends! Happy where is the love Wednesdays!

If there is one thing I’ve learned while being with Steve for almost 16 years is that, relationships will have it’s up and downs and who you share personal stories with is crucial. 
I do believe you can vent to someone that you can confide in, to give you that listening ear and some insight. However, if you are constantly complaining about all the wrongs your SO is doing, trust me no one wants to hear about the “good” things happening. Is it fair? No, but that’s the way it is. Your family and friends will always remember the wrongs and won’t forgive like you would. Plus, we say a lot of things out of anger and frustration, so those family members/friends will be furious as well. 
Do you share all the scoop in your relationship? If so, have you had the issues of friends or family not forgiving?
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise❤️

F.F: each morning…

I feel blessed.

I’m blessed to open my eyes and see my husband and son. With all the challenges that I deal with, the love for my family, always puts a smile on my face. 

I hope there is something or someone in your life, that no matter what is going on, you can smile. My family is my back bone, the extra strength that I endure at times when I really need it. They accept me flaws and all. 

What about you? Who or what makes you feel good?

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Feel good Fridays: leaving a legacy 

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

As we all know, the music icon, Prince suddenly passed away. He was loved by many and had many fans worldwide. It made me think, “it’s not about living forever, it’s creating a legacy that will last forever. 

As I think about my late father and late Goddaughter, every encounter with others, they always reference great things about both. It made think, when it is my time, what can other’s say about me? Or what seeds would I plant that can continue to grow? I, too, may not ever get famous, but I want my life to serve the purpose of helping others. I want to live a life as an example for my son and future children. That’s my “why” as I spoke about in this previous post. 

What about your friends? Do you find yourself wanting to leave behind a legacy? 

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend!

Nicole Cherise


Where is the Love Wednesdays: Family Matters

Hi friends. Happy hump day 🙂

Today started extremely rough as I was not feeling well however, my mother stopped by and helped with my son. Hubby and I are very thankful for our family and it made me think of the importance of family. 

We all know the saying: “you can’t pick your family”. This is true and we can all admit that we have some family members that could irk our nerves from time to time or some members aren’t close with others. However, when it comes down to it, family can be all that you have. We don’t always have to get along 100% of the time but the love and blood is never broken. 
We all have different dynamics but do you feel family is important? Let me know your thoughts. 
Nicole Cherise 

I’ve been feeling it

Hey guys!

I ask that you forgive me because I’ve been all over the place with my emotions and so I haven’t been writing as much. However, I have been sharing my videos on this blog and I hope you get to see them on YouTube (Svrbrownsuga) or on my Nicole Cherise fb page. 
I consider myself a person who is empathetic. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve, you can see the hurt and pain in my eyes and my face, yep that’s me. These past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Daddy in particular. As a person with older parents, I’ve always said that I was sad deep down because my parents weren’t as young as my friend’s parents and the chances of them passing when I was young was a high percentage (in my head as a child). I also was very blessed as well because they provided me with so much and have the example of how I want to support my son. My mothers birthday was February 17th, and this is the first without him. At work, I still imagine seeing him come visit me, running into him in the hallway or him calling me to say hey you want a cup of tea? It will be 7 months soon, but it feels like an eternity. 
Then I have a friend from high school who gave birth to a beautiful son in December. He was born with CHD(congenital heart defect) and is a true warrior. Even though it’s been years since I’ve seen her, my heart aches for her and her husband. During the time when I had Jr, we were in the comfort of our home bonding, yet they have been so supportive of the hospital with him as he fights every day. I ask that you all Pray for Baby Bryce (I love that name) who needs a new heart. There is a fb page in case you would like to follow his journey and spread awareness: https://www.facebook.com/TeamBryceHeartStrong/
Then, while spending time with my best friend Mayra, I’ve felt the pain of my Goddaughter missing while I am visiting. Mayra is so strong and is truly doing her best. I’m doing my best to be strong for her as well, but I’m saddened by the hurt behind her smile and what I see in her eyes. She’s strong for her son, my Godson. I love her. 

So friends, these are few of the reasons why I’ve been in a funk lately. I told my husband earlier this week that I wasn’t in a good place and he told me to “do what it takes to get there”. Hmm, he sounds like me lol! He also told me to start with counting my blessings. I completely agree with him and that’s the best advice he could have given me. When I counted my blessings, I started to feel better. 
Please be patient with me, I’ll get back to myself at some point. Thanks for supporting me!