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Gloomy days

Hey great people! Happy Thursday to you!

Here in NY it is rainy and gloomy. I don’t know about you but when the weather is like this, I just want to cuddle in a blanket. I also notice that it can affect my mood too. I gain my energy from the sun and it makes me feel good. 

Isn’t that how life can be? We have those grey skies and it seems like nothing can go right. However, just when we thought we would be doomed, the sun comes out. 

Peace, overcomes us. We begin to feel a sense of comfort. I know the time frame between the gloomy days and sunny ones aren’t easy but the results are  worth it. Please hang in there friends. It will get better, don’t give up!

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Cherise ❤

Let your light shine through your darkness

Hi, Great People!

We all have a past that haunts us. We all have experiences that people can’t and won’t forget about us.
Through our darkness, we can bring light to our current situation. Our past and shortcomings doesn’t determine our success or future. Often, the enemy, will make us believe that we are nothing and won’t amount to anything. Friends, that is far from the truth and is NOT your reality. 

I urge you to dig deep, use your darkest days to create brighter ones. Help the next person who is struggling as well. Link up with a community of individuals who battle what you battle. With patience and support, you Can turn it all around. 

Blessings to you all, have a good Monday!
Nicole Cherise ❤

Feel good Fridays: what puts you in a good mood?

Hi friends!! Happy Friday to you!

I love journals and I got this spiritual one from tj maxx for 4 bucks!  
Not only did the price make me smile but the inside of each page had bible verses. I find scripture to be comforting especially when I need that reminder that I’m not alone. 

Little things like this makes me smile along with many other things. It brightens my spirit and mood. What is something that puts you in a good mood?

Nicole Cherise