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The intimacy of holding hands

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a good weekend so far! I was at wedding last night and like many others, it brought back many memories of my own wedding day. Weddings can stir many emotions amongst couples, they might pick up the romantic vibes during the couple’s dance, the exchange of vows and even when look at each other. One thing that I notice besides a smooch here and there are the holding of hands.

I know not all people are not into being lovey dovey constantly while others live off public display affection for one another. I’m affectionate and one of the ways I like to express my love is to hold hands. If I’m holding hands with my DH, I feel special, I feel safe, I feel the warmth of his body and that’s a great feeling.. When I hold hands with my son, I’m making sure he feels the same. My son knows that mommy will protect him and he can Trust me.

The power of a loving physical touch can bring joy and peace into your life. However, interlocking of hands can present an intimacy that is indescribable.

What about you all? Do you like to hold hands?

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Cherise ♥️

Maybe you should try different

If you want a different outcome, you have to choose differently in a mate or fix the way you are in relationships. Time and time, I’ve had conversations with people and they’re confused about why their relationships end the same way or there is no commitment. 

This is when standards come into play. If you don’t have standards or any sort of self control rules, the same mistakes will occur. 
If you want to follow the principles of your religion, do it. If someone isn’t respectful of your values of waiting for marriage to have sex then leave. You do not need to jeopardize your faith for anyone.
If you don’t want to be physical, but choose to because that’s all you know, please don’t be disappointed when he/she disappears or doesn’t want a relationship. Courtship is real and does exist. 
If after having standards, self control and things are still going wrong, possibly it can be a pattern of people you are choosing. Step out of the box. Maybe dating a man/woman that you normally wouldn’t go for, could be the piece to the mysterious puzzle. 
You can have happiness and you will. It begins with you. 
Nicole Cherise ❤

Where is the love Wednesday?: holding hands

Holding hands, we all did it at some point in our life. Rather, it’s as a child; holding your parents hand so that you wouldn’t get lost or while crossing the street. We hold hands during times of prayer and saying grace in some family customs. Hands are also held between lovers.

When I think about holding hands, it’s an intimate exchange with my husband, I feel support from him and most importantly safe. I love holding his hand. 
Do you hold hands with your significant other?
Nicole Cherise