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Where is the love Wednesdays: never get too comfortable 

Hi friends,

Today’s thoughts are getting too comfortable in your relationships.  Everyone loves to the “honeymoon phase”, where you enjoy listening to each other speak, physical touch, smiling/flirting with each other, etc… So then how does things change?

We get comfortable and slowly those things which brought you together can dwindle and if not careful enough you could drift apart. So what to do? Continue to date! You must do the things that got you this close to begin with. With social media and ther era of technology, these things are taken up valuable time and making a disconnection amongst people. Be romantic!!! If you did it in the beginning, don’t stop now. 

Yes, relationships go through it’s different seasons but the last thing you want is to feel arkward around each other because that leads to getting attention else where. Therefore, communicate to your significant other constantly, so you can remain on the same page. 

What are some tips that you suggest to spice things up? Or to bring that old thing back? 

Nicole Cherise