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My list of “Must have” things as of now

Hi friends! I hope all is well!

At the age of 32, there are some things that I believe are important to have as of right now. The list goes as follows:

  • Major important Correct documents of yourself i.e Birth certificate, passport, state I.d/ Drivers License, and social security card
  • Health insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • A Savings/investment/retirement account through your employer (401k, retirement funds etc)

Now, I’m pretty sure many would say things like a ownership of a living space (home, condo, townhouse, co-op), owning a vehicle, marriage, children, fur babies and so on. I believe those are things that can happen at any time and are goals to accomplish. However, proper identification, health insurance and life insurance are necessities.

Your important documents should be stored somewhere safe, but not too hidden that it becomes lost lol. You need them for everything. Make sure all your information is correct because it will haunt you later (trust me on that, I work in vital records). Health Insurance… need I say more? And oh Life Insurance, a policy some people don’t want to pay for. We all have to pass on from this earth one day, this is a way to help with those transition expenses and to make sure your family will be ok. Lastly, a 401k or similar account and retirement fund are also important. It’s your money and hard work building for itself. In some cases you are able to borrow from these accounts without penalty for certain purchases such as a down payment for a home.

Obviously, what I mentioned here isn’t law, but it’s a good start to having things in order.

Friends, what are some necessities that find to be vital? Do you feel these things are important? Let me know below! And don’t forget to like and share 😊

Thanks so much for reading!

Nicole Cherise ♥️

Where is the love Wednesdays: name changes after marriage and info

Hi friends!

Sorry for the delay of this post, but Happy Wednesday! 
So, someone I know got married recently and is about to go through the process of changing her name and identifications. I also have others near and dear to me who said they plan to hyphen their names or keep their maiden name. For myself, I changed my name to my husbands and I’m fine with that. When I share this with others, they say “oh, I don’t want to change my I.D.’s so I’ll just hyphen”. Well, you DO have to change your identification because once you fill out your marriage license to what your new surname will be that’s what needs to read on your identification. The only way you will Not have to update your I.D.’s is if you continue to use your Birth/maiden name. 
I want to know something, to those who plan to hyphen because of your own personal reasons, if or when if you choose to have children, will they have two surnames? I know in the Latino cultures, many children are given two surnames, but usually the child ends up going by the first surname anyway. So what are your thoughts?
Anyone can answer this question not just couples, and not just a particular sex. I’d like to know your opinions. Thanks!
Nicole Cherise