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Finding *You*

Hi friends,
I believe this is something that takes dedication and true digging. I remember growing up wanting to fit in with the “IN” crowd or wanting to be how others “thought” I should be. Then one day in college, I reached a point of feeling overwhelmed. I feel this is where that negative tape in my mind truly took off. 
At times like this you may feel as if your back is against the Wall, alone, depressed, possibly all at once. While searching for true self, you may do things that you aren’t good for your well being and doesn’t add to improvement. So when does enough become enough? 

My faith intervened. 

I prayed about my struggles. Now, don’t get it twisted, I am STILL a work in progress with self doubt and fears. However, what I learned is that having that relationship with God has done more wonders than I can imagine. I do understand that not all believe in a Higher Being, but maybe you can do soul searching through meditation practices. Having a support system or group you can turn to helps as well. 
I’m not sure if this hits home for any of you, but just remember: life is tough but you are tougher than your “stuff”!
Thanks for reading,
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Where is the Love Wednesdays: balance.

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday to all. 

In our busy lives and schedules, sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the amount of places that we all have to be at once. It’s hectic and without organization, we can truly go crazy. If you are in a relationship with someone or have a family, this can be a challenge as well. What can we do? Find a Balance.

Finding a Balance in our lives helps keep us not only sane but it gives a sense of stability. We have significant others, children, elderly parents, demanding jobs/businesses, meetings, down time with friends and so on. I recommend prioritizing and go from there. 

What are your priorities? 

In my life, my list is: Faith, Family and Career. My faith is my intimate relationship with God. I need that for strength as I battle Multiple Sclerosis, life set backs and guidance to name a few.

Family, comes first! Friends are my personal picked family so they are included. My husband and son comes first no matter what. They are my back bones and their happiness and loyalty means the world to me. Therefore, I can’t put them on the back burner or place things that hold No value over them and their Needs. Of course my extended family and best friends are next in importance because I love them and they are my support system. 

Career is important because it’s how we bring home the bacon lol. Rather it’s a 9-5 job or opportunities for entrepreneurship, what we produce are a representation of us. 

Sometimes when there are distractions or an imbalance of things in your life, someone or something can feel neglected. That’s the last thing that we ever want to do. So, set your own priority list and stick to it. Communicate your intentions and goals and I’m sure all will work 😊.  I hope this helps someone today that may struggle in their area of life.

Thanks for reading friends! 

Nicole Cherise ❤️


Hi friends!

I know I’ve been away but I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! Mine was good but ended with me getting a head cold😷😤. 

During the time away from life blogging, I was thinking of the term “Normal“. We use the word normal so freely and usually describing someone that’s Not “Normal”.  Sometimes, I sit and think, “who do we think we are?” 

Seriously, who am I to tell the next person that they perform normally or not? I’m not God or a higher being that has the master plan. Also, No one should make you feel like you’re inadequate or not “up to speed“. 

We all have strengths and we differ differently from one another.Remember,  That’s not a bad thing. 

Do you fall into the “normal” standards or do you say forget about society’s limits? 

Thanks for reading friends!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

That’s because you’re an Adult

Happy Friday Friends!

This came to mind because I hear people say certain things that they do and it leaves me puzzled. 

People love to say, “I’m grown, I pay my bills on time, I got a job, I take care of my kid(s)” and etc..

Maybe it’s me, but do people really believe they should get praise for doing things that they should as an adult? You pay Bills? Yep, I think that’s necessary. You have a job, well, you need a source of income to take care of yourself. You take care of your kids? Hmph! You better do that! 

Have you guys heard people say things like this or similar?

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤️



Have you found you? Have you fallen in love with yourself? Do you even like yourself, currently? 
I’ve sat in the dark and asked myself this plenty of times since undergraduate studies. 21 turning 22 years of age, I was trying to figure it all out. Now, 10 years later, I believe that I’m close. 
We are constantly evolving. Just as the Earth spins, we shift ideas and encounter new experiences. Not all will be great, but that’s life, the good and the not so good coexist. 
The Discovery
2016. That’s when things started to piece together. So what did I find? I found a scared woman. A woman who felt lost in her own thoughts and emotions. A woman who wept constantly from the loss of loved ones. A woman who half the time has no clue about being a good wife or mother, but finds a way to get the job done. A woman that battles an incurable disease. A woman who brings confidence to others more than herself. A Woman who longs for connections with others, even after they clearly disconnected themselves from her. A woman who still needs approval…. That’s the truth. And that’s just fine. 
Even with the flaws and doubts, God has still blessed me to be a Courageous woman. A woman who doesn’t quit. A woman that loves hard. A Dependable woman. A Respectful woman. A Supportive woman. A woman that motivates others. A Family oriented woman. A goal getter woman. A woman that’s a Dreamer. A Giving Woman. A woman that is being used for God’s purpose.
It’s not easy to see the truth and all that it entails, but we make it harder. Accept the truth. Love You and All of You! Discover Yourself!
Nicole Cherise ❤️