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Motivational mondays: daily affirmations 

Hi friends!

Today is a good day to be awesome! Why you ask? Because you made it to see another day. I try to tell myself this daily. I know it’s not easy because of the things we struggle with but if we tell ourselves these daily reminders it can help. 

  1. I’m not perfect and that’s fine.
  2. Even when it rains, I’ll bring my own sunshine.
  3. Today, I will love myself more than yesterday.
  4. I can be a better family member and friend.
  5. I will follow my dreams.

If you practice any faith, I also recommend praying or meditating as well. Hang in there friends, trust and believe you are not alone. Things will improve, slowly but surely. 

Nicole Cherise 

Motivational Monday’s: you can still come out on top!

Many times we feel like we are thrown against a wall like the lemons that life threw at us. Please hang in there. Get ready for your major comeback. Last night I had a tough time as I was thinking of all craziness going on in my life, however I know that my new season is Near. Your season is coming too, and you have to claim it. Regardless of what it is, relationships, career, legal issues or finances. Things will get better, but in the mean time, strut your stuff and act like the champion that you are.