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Some setbacks can be apart of the major comeback

Motivate your Monday!
We all at some point have hit a brick wall or at least it feels like we have. A point of confusion or feeling lost. In all areas of life: relationships, personal growth, career, etc. where things take a fall. However, when we fall, we have to get back up. 
When we get up, we should try to have a forward stride in our walk. Rather, it’s our walk of faith, the walk of success or walk of reconciliation. One foot at a time and we Will make it. I, too, have to sharpen my walk. I had a minor setback, but with my faith in God, I know the major comeback is coming and I can’t wait!
Hang in there friends, we will be alright!
Thanks for reading 😊
Nicole Cherise 

Where is the Love Wedmesdays: I’m choosing team “Me”

Hi friends, I hope all is well.

In my thoughts today, I was thinking how often many, give or do for others, but a lot of times those same acts aren’t given back. It can be hurtful and make you feel like no one loves or cares. That’s not necessarily true. I do believe it’s in our make as human to live for survival. We will do all it takes to accomplish and get what we need and unfortunately that could mean using others. I say for those who are sick and tired of feeling this way, choose “you”. 
 I’m choosing Me because if I’m not good to myself, I will continue to feel stepped on. I’m choosing Me because when it’s all about me, I will always do my best to not disappoint myself. I choose Me because I will do what I WANT when I want. This one is a doozy for some because they will want you to do for them, but as soon as you say NO it’s a problem or it’s assumed something is wrong. 
Life is extremely short and why live with regrets because you didn’t take the time to take up for yourself? You can have what your heart desires, go out there and get it and not worry what others say or if they don’t approve. Self care is NOT being selfish. 
I hope this helps someone. Hang in there, but do more for yourself even if you don’t have the support from those that should. Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise

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Motivations Monday’s: stay true to yourself 

Hi friends! Happy Monday to you!

If there is anything that I’ve learned in life, it’s the importance of staying true to yourself regardless of your circumstance. We are uniquely made so there is no need to conform to other’s standards. 
When you are true to self it allows you to check yourself every now and then. For example, I know the person I am and when I do things that aren’t right, I can look in the mirror and say “get it together Nik”. A lot of issues that people have is that they put on this mask amongst others and don’t know how to take it off. The good news is, if you have real friends, they will call you out on it. 
Another reason to stay true to yourself is for your dignity. We live in a “dog eat dog” world and people are too often turning the other cheek. People will take a paycheck to “look the other way” which is usually something negative. Nothing is wrong with speaking up when something is wrong or if you don’t agree. Be assertive and stand your ground. You do have a voice and it can be heard. 
What are your thoughts? Is it hard this day in age to stay true to self? Or do you think it’s easier now? Let me know 😊
Nicole Cherise 

Motivational mondays: daily affirmations 

Hi friends!

Today is a good day to be awesome! Why you ask? Because you made it to see another day. I try to tell myself this daily. I know it’s not easy because of the things we struggle with but if we tell ourselves these daily reminders it can help. 

  1. I’m not perfect and that’s fine.
  2. Even when it rains, I’ll bring my own sunshine.
  3. Today, I will love myself more than yesterday.
  4. I can be a better family member and friend.
  5. I will follow my dreams.

If you practice any faith, I also recommend praying or meditating as well. Hang in there friends, trust and believe you are not alone. Things will improve, slowly but surely. 

Nicole Cherise 

Feel Good Friday’s: you Are doing your best

Hi friends!

This is a reminder for us all. 

I will admit that I’m my toughest critic. Even when it comes to this blog, there are times when I think “ok not much responses equals I suck at this” lol. Even when it comes to family and friends, I’m always thinking what can I do to be a better wife, mother,  family member and friend or bring awareness to MS? The truth is…..


Guess what?…. So are YOU!

It’s one day at a time and you are only one person. Things will get better. You will meet goals, gain those visions, get that relationship, things WILL be fine. So smile for now and know you are doing your best!

Nicole Cherise