Finding *You*

Hi friends,
I believe this is something that takes dedication and true digging. I remember growing up wanting to fit in with the “IN” crowd or wanting to be how others “thought” I should be. Then one day in college, I reached a point of feeling overwhelmed. I feel this is where that negative tape in my mind truly took off. 
At times like this you may feel as if your back is against the Wall, alone, depressed, possibly all at once. While searching for true self, you may do things that you aren’t good for your well being and doesn’t add to improvement. So when does enough become enough? 

My faith intervened. 

I prayed about my struggles. Now, don’t get it twisted, I am STILL a work in progress with self doubt and fears. However, what I learned is that having that relationship with God has done more wonders than I can imagine. I do understand that not all believe in a Higher Being, but maybe you can do soul searching through meditation practices. Having a support system or group you can turn to helps as well. 
I’m not sure if this hits home for any of you, but just remember: life is tough but you are tougher than your “stuff”!
Thanks for reading,
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Commit to YOU!

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Do you ever get to commit to yourself? We do so much for others but how often do we do for us? Maybe it’s exercising, going to the spa, shopping, site-seeing, or just doing something that gives you personal inner peace. 

How often can you Commit to you? Try doing something for yourself this week!

Let me know what you do? And let me know if you try something! Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

The Eyes don’t lie

This is a phrase that I’ve always said and live by. We encounter plenty of people every day and many, when you ask “how are you?” They can give a brief smile and say I’m fine. I too, am one of these people. I smile briefly and say I’m fine but deep down, I could be sad or in a lot of pain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do consider myself a positive person and I try to find good in many situations but I do get in a rut of a mood, I just choose to not be there for long. See, what I’ve learned in life is that we all have challenges. Even the people who are wealthy, they have to constantly worry if love is tainted or they are always on the go with barely time for family and friends. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They show when we are sad, angry or even weak from illness. So when someone does Know you, they can take one look at you and tell that something isn’t right. It’s ok friends to have these moments, but just try not to stay there. You can get in a hole, but you don’t have to remain in there. 


Motivational Monday: do you invest in yourself?

Hey all, Happy Monday!

Today’s topic is: do you invest in yourself?

We all have dreams and goals that we would like to meet but do we invest in ourselves to achieve this? This can be career goals, finances, relationships or just personal maintenance. 

Why should we invest in ourselves? It creates positivity and growth. For example, if you are working to become an entrepreneur, investing in yourself would be attending workshops or seminars. When a person attends workshops and seminars, they are amongst others who are trying meet the same goal, you have networking opportunities and the ability to learn from those who are experienced in your skill. Those are all positive things to help guide your way to success. 

When you invest in yourself, you become a better you. People will see your confidence and believe in your dream as well. We all have skills and by investing in ourselves, we are taking our skills from good to Great!

You can do it friends, I believe in you. 

Nicole Cherise

Where is the love Wednesdays: no support from loved ones and/or friends

Hi all,

This is a topic that has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I feel it is sad that when you are doing something positive or starting a new venture in life, those who are the closest to you aren’t as supportive as strangers. 

Friends, please don’t think that just because you do something that everyone has to respond all the time because they too, have lives. However, if you show support, it’s natural to want it back. Sometimes the issue is : people would rather support you when you are “on” meaning you already reached a successful peak. 

My advice to myself and to share with you is: believe in yourself. We shouldn’t wait on the validation of others to know we are doing something right. Not everyone will cheer for your success but can easily cheer for your downfall. Stay humble and stay true to self, and the rest will work out regardless of who’s support you don’t get. Stay blessed friends, stay motivated.

Nicole Cherise

Feel good Friday’s: Help yourself feel good

Hello to the start of the weekend!

The weather is suppose to be beautiful and that automatically puts me in good spirits. 

What makes you feel good? Whatever that may be, I suggest incorporating it in your life daily. When we feel good, we tend to gravitate towards positive energy. When we deal with stress and aggravation, all it does is make us sick, gain weight  and it puts us in a sour mood.

So, light a candle, listen to your favorite music,  take a walk, travel etc… Whatever it takes, we need it. 

Nicole Cherise