Pushing Through

Hi friends, happy Tuesday!

Push through…

That’s something I continue to tell myself during challenging times. It’s not easy battling a difficult disease like MS, but I can’t give in to it. I know many that read my blog, are battling other autoimmune diseases, mental health issues, or spiritual brokenness. I also, know that Caregivers have a challenging task when it comes to watching someone they love suffer. WE ARE NOT ALONE! Together, we can lift one another up because Support goes a long way.

This past week, I had my Tysabri treatment and the days after were rough. I had difficulty walking, it was a task to get dressed, I fell twice and I cried because of the pain and weakness in my legs. Even during this time of despair, I promised myself that I wouldn’t give up and I would PUSH through it all at my own pace. I urge you all to do the same. I went to the gym on Sunday and did my best with what I had for that day (I do the spoon theory in my head lol). The amount of support that was given to me was overwhelming and it truly melted my heart. People re-posted my video and tagged me as Inspiration for them to exercise.

Please continue friends. Don’t give up on yourself or the process. Below is the video that I posted and keep in mind that days prior, I was not able to walk far alone. God is good. Thanks for reading!!!

Nicole Cherise ♥️

It’s another chapter 

Hi, great people,
 Trust me, I know all about pain, heartache, disappointment and feeling low. The truth is, it can get better. Try your best to not stay in the whole that life has thrown you in. Even if you dig yourself into that whole, you can definitely dig yourself out. 
Ways to get out of the hole

  1. Bring positivity into your life.
  2.  Join a support group. 
  3. Keep a journal.
  4. Get counseling. 
  5. Last but not least, prayer and meditation.

The things listed above can help. I hope and pray that what you are dealing with can be seen as just another chapter not as the final chapter. You got this!!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Would you do what it takes if….

Where is the love Wednesday!
To piggy back off of my M.M post (when the odds are against you), if your relationship was in jeopardy, would you do what it takes to save it?

Many people love to say: “I’m the ride or die for my man or woman” but what if you reached a point in your relationship of no return? Meaning something horrible happened such as the loss of a job, infidelity, an incurable illness, etc.? And it caused major friction in your relationship, do you think you would do whatever it takes to keep your relationship strong? 

As an aspiring therapist, I’m big on therapy or group therapy. The issue with that is that for many people, they were taught to be “strong”, not to be vulnerable to others (especially strangers), or that therapy is only for the crazies. All these things are not true and are merely just excuses we give ourselves when we are in denial to get help. 
If you are willing to do whatever it takes to get things right, you HAVE to be HONEST. With any hardship in a relationship, the reconciliation process requires it. The honesty, good or bad, can be the beginning of the healing process of trusting your partner again. 
Be Realistic. It. Takes. Time. Patience is a virtue but also a major key to what it takes. If trust is broken, you have to let life run its course. If your partner has ultimatums that are NEEDED you better (yes, I said better) do what is asked or you can kiss the relationship goodbye. Now, if the relationship is worthless to you, abiding by the requests isn’t necessary and you can walk away. There is no need to go through the motions.
Just some thoughts to think of friends. Well wishes in your relationships!
Thanks for reading and sharing!
Nicole Cherise❤️

Feel good Friday: Our struggle is not in vain 

Lately, this has been me. I’ve been feeling that the battle with MS is serving a purpose. It’s extremely difficult, especially when you don’t know what “normal” feels like anymore. I walk with my head held high, I smile even when I’m not happy, but it’s those moments that only my husband sees. He sees the tears, the pain, he carries me when I can’t walk. 

I share that not only because it’s MS Awareness month, but also because not all diseases are visible and I know in my heart this journey has been for a reason. I’m going to continue to fight, I can promise that. Friends, I know and understand that not all are vocal about their struggles or issues but you are not alone. Your strength that is gained from the struggle is a part of your story. Let’s stick together in this race, we call life. Don’t give up. 
Nicole Cherise

I’m here

The flesh can be confused by the spirit. As I mourn the sudden death of my father, I know he lives eternally in peace. The flesh of me, hurts really bad and is trying to understand why? In my faith, I know earth is temporary and we will meet again. 

I will be back to having post regularly soon. I miss writing. I love you guys

-Nicole Cherise

Something has to give 


Isn’t this the truth?! Today is one of those days where I find myself sadden by some circumstances that I’m dealing with. The good news is that I do have faith and it keeps me grounded. Im also thankful for my family and friends who help bring happiness to my life. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or like your back is against the wall?