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Saturday thoughts: What I’ve learned from Kendrick Lamar’s “Element.”

As I stated in my birthday recap post, hubby and I went to the “Damn.” concert, which starred my one of my favorite artists, Kendrick Lamar. The song Element has been weighing heavy on my mind and here is what I’ve learned….
When pursuing your passion feels discouraging
“You know careers take off, you just gotta be patient”. Patience, is the major key. We get excited about the possibility of what could be but we either compare ourselves to others or lack confidence. We all do this, but when do the excuses stop? When does being scared of success stop? We have to CONTINUE. Even if you move slow with your passion just don’t stop. 
Don’t let them take you out your Element
The enemy is moving quickly and working hard to take us off track. This is when self-doubt happens and those “little voices” tell us that it won’t work. Even if you have a moment of doubt, don’t let many see that. They will feed off of it and let’s face it, people are always “watching”. So, don’t miss a beat! 

Keep going Friends, you got this!!
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Prayer buddy or group?

Hi everyone! How are you great people doing on this Easter Sunday? I hope we’ll, happy and blessed.
As, I was listening to the sermon in church, I began to think about the power of prayer and how praying affects me. I also think about how much my family and friends pray for me constantly. It’s been because of their prayers and support, that I’m able to keep a smile on my face during the challenges that life presents in my path. I know that things will get better because of God’s grace. 
So that led me to this question/quote. Do you have a prayer buddy or group? If not, I think it’s a good idea to consider. We have significant others, family, friends, church members, gym partners, and more who could meet with you to pray. With the age of technology, you can text, email, FaceTime, Snapchat each other if you can’t physically meet. There is no right or wrong way to pray, but you would be surprised of the many outcomes. 
What do you think? Comment below! 
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Nicole Cherise ❤️

You are not alone 

Who will remain by your side after it all? You’ve gone through a hell of a week. You’re tired. You’re fed up. Who will be there when you need it most?

Many feel that they are alone, yes, depression is real. I’m here to say as overwhelming as it is, please don’t give up. Hold on to your faith, keep your loved ones near. They got you, I got you, We got you. 

Nicole Cherise ❤

Talk that talk

Yeah, talk that talk but can you walk that walk?

Can you sit and name people that you know without a doubt are there for you? It’s very easy to tell someone “I’m here if you need anything” or “you can talk to me anytime” because it does sound good. This does not make people bad people, in fact, I do believe it is the “good” in someone to say that.  It just doesn’t always work that way.

I believe we all have been in this place numerous times. We have expectations and can get disappointed. My advice is, cherish those who have been there. The ones that when you are at dark time in your life, and they we able to shine a little light through. This does not mean that they are perfect people, but they’re timing to help is perfect. 

Have a great day, great people!

Nicole Cherise ❤️


Don’t let them hold you back!

Hi friends!

Isn’t this happening a little too much these days? There was a time where life partners believed in one another’s dreams. They were each other’s biggest fan. Unfortunately, for some, it’s a competition or selfish motives for some couples now. 

That’s awful and very sad to hear. It’s hard enough battling forces in the world, but to come home to someone who doesn’t support you is heartbreaking. Therefore, I suggest letting them go. Will it be easy? No. However, you will see later that they are holding you back. Think about it. A Relationship takes two people who are willing to be selfless and supportive. Is that what you have?

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All I need is …

If my support can make a difference in one person’s life that would mean so much for me. Ever since a young age, I always wanted to help people and motivate them to aim for more. God is good and I’m listening to what He has instilled in me. Look out, I got something brewing 😁

Nicole Cherise❤️

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Talkers and Walkers

Hi friends! I’m a big advocate on support systems. One thing I realize from personal experience is that when you are at your lowest and darkest moments in life, very few are around. People who promise to be there till the end, suddenly are “ghost”. It’s all good though, just weed out the unnecessary people in your life or you can keep them at a distance. Cherish the loved ones who are loyal. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

Where is the love Wednesday?: holding hands

Holding hands, we all did it at some point in our life. Rather, it’s as a child; holding your parents hand so that you wouldn’t get lost or while crossing the street. We hold hands during times of prayer and saying grace in some family customs. Hands are also held between lovers.

When I think about holding hands, it’s an intimate exchange with my husband, I feel support from him and most importantly safe. I love holding his hand. 
Do you hold hands with your significant other?
Nicole Cherise

Feel good Friday’s: feel good on the inside do not only look it


I saw this quote on Pinterest and it is so accurate. We could exercise, buy great clothes, drive good cars yet feel empty. I met a woman who looked amazing from head to toe and could date anyone she wanted to yet, she was depressed. She was Vogue on the outside but Vague on the inside. She often felt alone, it seemed like nothing was going her way. I wish I was able to reach to her and give support but unfortunately, not everyone is open to that. The most I could do was pray for her.

Do you or someone you know suffer from depression? Mental Illness is real and the support is there as long as you are willing to take the first step. As you know, I’m big on support and if this applies to anyone, please send me a private message or email. 

I hope we all can do this. Let’s take a moment each day to make ourselves feel as good as we look! If that means to meditate, yoga, listen to music privately, spend time with loved one then so be it. We have to shine from within. 

Take care friends! 

Nicole Cherise