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Sometimes it IS all in our heads

Time and time again we hear this tape that runs through our head filled with doubts. We tell ourselves what we Can’t do, how we won’t be successful, we say that we fail at everything, we won’t find Love, or that our goals will never be accomplished.

We grow bitter, angry, we’re constantly on edge. We sometimes even blame others for why we are slacking. This same tape says: “it’s Us against the World” when in reality, it’s US against Ourselves.

It is ALL IN OUR HEADS because we put it there.

Is this you? Has this been you? When did you realize that enough was enough? I realized this tape that I put into my head a while ago and trust it takes time to work through this process. Hold on Dear Friends, you are not alone!

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Cherise ♥️

Life is so delicate

Hi friends! I know I have been MIA for a week and I actually was in MIA over the weekend. During my break from blogging, a lot of things happened. As I am constantly thinking about life, no matter where I am, I continue to learn the delicacy of Life.
My husband gave me the wonderful gift of going to Miami beach (south beach) for my birthday. We traveled with 3 other couples and truly enjoyed ourselves. Even though I was having the time of my life, I was juggling my emotions because this Saturday will be the first birthday without my father. My mind also was on my best friend’s family who were in need of strength because another young soul was battling for her life (she now has passed). Lastly, of course, my husband and I thought about our son the entire time. 
With all the madness in the world, I was truly happy to have landed to and from our destinations safely. When you are young with no responsibilities, you don’t worry about much besides school, friends, sports, shopping, etc. As we get older and start to see the inevitable stage of life that we are all guaranteed to pass, you can’t help yourself to be humbled. Many didn’t make it to our age, many didn’t get to have children, many didn’t get to travel like we have, and many are just existing and not living. 
I’m doing my best to be strong. I’m trying to be strong for my family, my best friend and her family and for Me. For my own sanity. The only way I know how is by reflecting and giving thanks for getting this far in life. 

Thanks for Reading
Nicole Cherise

Motivational Monday’s: positive thoughts

Many ask, “Nik with all that is going on in your life, how is it easy to put a smile on your face? Or for you to remain positive?” I want to say that I am no different from any of you. I have things that I struggle with that I leave to God in prayer, I get sad, mad and want to go off on people like anyone else lol. What I realized is during my studies of psychology, I always believed in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). I believe that if we replaced our negative thoughts with positive ones, our behaviors could change for the better. Let’s face it, people gravitate to those like them or those that they want to learn from. No one truly wants to associate with people who are constantly performing or thinking negatively. I’m able to smile because I realize that crying over things I can’t change just makes my eyes red and puffy. I smile because regardless of the hardships of life, I do have support, I’m not alone. I truly believe if you start to give yourself daily aspirations, you will feel better from within. So, maybe a personal goal can be to replace your doubts with a positive fact about yourself. I hope this helps friends!

Nicole Cherise